About Us:

It is 15% technology and 85% Knowledge & how we do it  that matters. We cover Both.

ApON as an organization is collection of experienced professionals, set of seasoned CIOs, country’s known thought leaders converging from various domains who have proven credentials and track records.  Cumulative and Collective experience of Directors of ApON touches 300+ years in totality.  That is our knowledge repository, unique strength and invaluable proposition.  

ApON is deep into Cultivating Innovation within the company and Outside (augmented set).   Supporting product and Process Innovation happening around by creating Alliance,  Relationship and Continuous Technology Innovations.


We add value in 360 degree manner, the one half of our expertise  goes and embeds into product and services creation and offerings by IT/ITES companies and the other half to consuming companies in assessment and  execution; and proving business value that the technology brings to the business through ApON.

We as ApON team fully and unitedly support  Startup India and Standup India initiatives .  We believe the real disruptive innovation will keep coming and be visible from smaller enterprises because naturally they have more flexible work environment.  That is the reason even many of larger organizations have started an independent incubation center to nurture innovation constantly.

ApON team works on both Modes of Bi-Modal IT as Stated by Gartner Research    “Rethinking Information Management for Bimodal IT

"Businesses embracing bimodal IT want to do more with their data and do it faster, but they are often encumbered by traditional views of information management. Information and analytics leaders must rethink information management for bimodal IT to enable, not hinder, innovation. “

“Bimodal IT is the practice of managing two separate, coherent modes of IT delivery, one focused on stability and the other on agility. Mode 1 is traditional and sequential, emphasizing safety and accuracy. Mode 2 is exploratory and nonlinear, emphasizing agility and speed. “

ApON Creates a Knowledge layer that assesses needs and joins supply and demand of IT product and Services in most cost effective manner.

ApON team has a main differentiator  that is, its Ability to Envision and Ability to Execute.  10 out of 10 on both scales. 


ApON’s knowledge service proposition creates winning solution stack for consuming companies. They do it by pulling right products / services from one or more IT/ITES companies.

Speed and accuracy of Decision Making is critical differentiator for any enterprise  so is association with ApON.  

Score High On your IT Related Decisions, Investments and Implementations through ApON.

Example :  Every other company has one system or the other say SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc etc.Level of implementation varies company to company thus the business gain also varies. ApON makes you get Distinction marks in all such initiatives. Work with ApON and feel the diffrence.  

Associate with ApON and Excel Existing IT-Stack  Performance for Business in Most Cost Effective Manner :  SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Analytics, MES , Security Solutions, IT Infrastructure , Customized Applications, Assessment, Projects, Procurement, Licensing , Plant Expansion, Mergers , Acquisitions .  And all other decision and Direction with regard to ICT.

ApON Advantage, Speed and Art of Conceptualization, Best state of the art Delivery, With No additional Cost but complete assurance. Business Objectives Delivered.  

DoyenGC-ApON:  Manage IT Security in most innovative way.  We cover following:

-  Network Vulnerability Scan

- Network  Compliance Scan

- Firewall and VPN Config Assessment 

- Router & Switch  Config Assessment

- Internal Vulnerability Assessment

- Internal Cyber Inventory Assessment

-  Active Directory Assessment

- Wireless Network Assessment

- Social Engineering tests

- Web Application tests

- Procedure , Policies and Training

- HIPAA Compliance 

- PCI-DSS Compliance 


ApON--- MS SQL Innovation: 

Fight SQL Server Sprawl

With Physical and Logical Consolidation

  • Built-in performance monitoring at the application level for SLA assurance

  • An automated HA platform to ensure stacked instances are protected

  • Safe instance stacking for an 8-15x reduction in OSes under management

  • Reduces licensing cost by 30-40%

ApON--- Training, Development and Assessment Solutions and Innovation for Organization Building.

Simple wizard based :

- Product Training

-Compliance Training

-Sales Training

- Service Capability Tests

-Sales capability Tests

We have 20+ wizards to make learning and productivity curve short and effective

ApON ---- Analytics Innovation.
Analytics was never so simple and cost effective.
Industry sweep Predictive analytics, Prescriptive analytics. Big Data. On existing transaction systems, processes, and practices. Whatever you need for effective business enhancement.
Open Source – Hortonworks.

ApON ---- HR / People Process Innovation.
Hiring to Retiring – all solutions.
Extremely simple and cost effective.
Cloud based.
Many companies are moving to ApON -  HR after struggling with the costlier names and products.

ApON ---- SAP advantage.
For all SAP /ERP related solutions and migrations.

HANA migration

Third Party Project and Program Management to protect interest.

ApON --- ERP for Mid-Size Organizations.
A world class Cloud based ERP.
Extremely cost effective.

ApON ---- Retail Innovation.
Expand your business rapidly with our retail solution. Make your business internet ready in 2 Days. 

ApON---Sign-in Innovation.

Machine Learning Based Authentication and Identity Management

ApON---Collaboration Innovation.

Enterprise Class Collaboration using Open Source : Text Chat, HD Video Conference, File Sharing,
Document Collaboration, Presence Management,
Screen Sharing, Public Chat Rooms 

ApON---Total Innovation for Education Sector

World Class ERP for Education Institutions and Universities

ApON --- IT asset management Innovation

Manage / Audit Licenses and be compliant.