ApON India is a Consulting Research firm focused on Strategic IT, Business Services and Sourcing.  We are trusted advisors to senior executives of leading enterprises, providers and investors. ApON India Team helps clients improve their operational and financial performance through hands-on process that supports them in making well-informed decisions that deliver high impact results and achieve sustained value.  Our insight and Guidance empowers clients to improve organizational efficiencies, effectiveness, agility and responsiveness.  What sets ApON India Team apart is the integration of deep sourcing knowledge, problem solving skills and original research.   

Strategy & Organization


Know Your organization Digital Health

Get Complete Report with action plans

Set IT Organizations

People and skills assessment

Application usage assessment 

ERP Revamp, Upgrade

HANA Migration

Corporate Development


Transform into Digital Enterprise

On-going assistance 

Change Management and Implementation of Projects

Re-Organize , become lean and efficient



Growing Multi-Country and challenge in expanding, ApON Helps

Growing in-organic , having mergers and acquisition Ans ApON

Enhance Reach and go Global be with ApON

​Operations Management


ApON Manages Entire IT with world class skills in cost effective manner

ApON Manages Program and Projects

ApON simplifies IT make it lean to deliver best



Sub-optimal Decisions in IT pinches the organizations,  ApON helps in taking right decsions, we do it first time right that fits best to the Organization need and budget.

Make your Business sustainable , growing and profitable  with ApON  


​Strategic Planning


Understanding Business, Blend issues and needs with Right Technology solution


Create IT Strategy for 1-3 Years matching with growth targets


Skill mapping and optimization.


Technology assessment with benefits



Innovative IT solutions or products need a thorough evaluation, constant change with improvements and endorsements.  ApON Does these to make products or services top class.


We give input on market insights , market changes,  Inputs on Industry Trend and possible pitfalls in Internalization.


IT service innovation through ApON helps IT service Organizations Grow many folds with superior service levels


Startups need mentoring, direction , guidance , continuous improvement  ApON hand holds such companies.  

•IT Strategy and Digital Road map for Business

• Assist in partner selection and IT related procurement

• Project / Program Management, Audit and Compliances

• ERP Implementation and Business Process re-Engineering

• Optimized IT network and security design and implementations

• Establishing communication and collaboration technology

• Connecting Shop floor with Top Floor using live process monitoring


• Assist in evaluation and driving cloud initiatives

• Implement analytics and prescriptive and predictive controls

• Custom design and development keeping standard ERP feature


• Server architecture design and upgrades

• Cloud migration and assessment for cloud readiness

• Website Design, Web App Development

• Assist in Simplifying in house IT make entire thing more agile and


• Assist in strategic sourcing , hiring at senior level positions in IT

• Assist in Video Conferencing design and setup

• Assist in IP telephony and cloud based collaboration

• Assist in Google cloud migration