Top cyber security threats

June 13, 2016

Top cyber security threats
1. Mobile Security Threats
Mobile Apps/Systems are being used to make transactions, e.g., Near Field Communication and virtual wallets etc. Unfortunately, its early adoption may have many security issues and concerns, which may be exploited by malicious.
2. Threats of Cloud Computing and Storage
The use of cloud computing and storage services is increasing day by day which poses a greater risk as sensitive documents and data will be available with the cloud service provider.
3. Identity Theft
Private personal information collected from social media or other means, malicious users can generate highly targeted attacks and fraudulent transaction
4. Unexposed vulnerabilities
The past few years showed some major issues with secure communication - like that in SSL as leveraged by Heartbleed, and
a long time bug in Bash with Shellshock. The discovery of vulnerabilities such as these will continue to be a major goal for attackers and defenders alike.
5. Malware
More sophisticated and evolving malware will continue to defeat detection by hiding in common services and using non-traditional forms of communication such as TOR or peer to peer.
6. Internet of Things
Practically every business and even some individuals will have Wi-Fi enabled fixed devices that are controlled remotely: from switching on lights at home to cooling nuclear reactors in power plants. When vulnerabilities exist in any popular OS, and hackers know about them, it is only a matter of time before they are exploited. The issue is that people are not installing security patches in a timely manner, and inadvertently leaving their devices vulnerable.
7. Cyber Warfare
Cyber security attacks on critical infrastructure and communication networks from unfriendly countries and terrorist organizations. Corporate espionage from competitive organizations.

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