Brand building at organisation level - Talent Loyalty and Employee retention

June 18, 2016

Browsing one day through Linked In on a sultry afternoon, I was reminded of a thought. I recalled a few conversations some CEOs had had with me, during the course of several advisory and consultancy interactions, as to how they could improve the brand value of their organizations. It was not in terms of product or services branding but more in the nature of the organisation’s brand value in the eyes of stakeholders, and the external world. A branding that would attract the best of talent to their organizations, even perhaps at a slightly lesser pay packet, and build upon talent loyalty and employee retention.


This is something to really attain for all organisations. A small number of organisations have already reached this level.


There are great consultants around who can advise on brand building and its various aspects. However one of the best ways, I think, would be to build up brand value, even and more so, in this age of social media and instagram, are the organizations’ own attitude, policies and interactions with past employees. A past employee who has left on a happy note is one the best brand ambassador that any organization could hope to have. Adopt these suggestions and see the results achieved. It will be most satisfying.


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